Integration of Qualimatest and SAPHIR to create qmt


Qualimatest & SAPHIR amalgamate their Organizations
Creation of qmt
A new name and a new identity

SAPHIR & Qualimatest have a history of 30 years during which they invented, one in Switzerland, the other in France, a large number of solutions and products used in industry for testing and quality control. The two companies joined forces in 2015 when Qualimatest acquired SAPHIR.

In order to accelerate business development and offer wider know-how to all these customers, the two structures of Qualimatest and SAPHIR will be united in a single organization under a single management. A new name, qmt , and a new graphic identity materialize a new player with two geographic locations, 46 employees and € 9 million in turnover.

qmt can see the future big. Through vision, through acoustic measurement, through innovative solutions integrating artificial intelligence, qmt limits the number of imperfections in manufactured products.


More means to develop our products
A technical team of 29 employees
Acceleration of developments in Artificial Intelligence

At the heart of qmt , a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, driven by creativity and a passion for technology, it is united around strong corporate values. Testing and quality control are qmt's trades, industry is the passion of its employees, precision is its distinction.

The new 29-person research & development team has a wide range of expertise ranging from mechanics to software development with specific skills in optics and acoustics. The new means available will allow the significant investments necessary to integrate the latest innovations in terms of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This team will be located in France (Isère) and Switzerland (Geneva) with the objective of recruiting talent on the two sites.

Development of the product range

The development of the product range, unified 12 months ago, will be intensified to cover the entire life cycle of our customers' products, from R&D to production through qualification. Significant efforts will be made in the range of test benches to create a standard base.

The products will be adapted to meet the needs of our strategic markets, which are watchmaking, aeronautics & defense, rail, automotive, medical, electrical engineering and energy.


Guillaume Granelli
Electrotechnical Developer
Mathilde Vincent
Software Developer
Vahid Fakhfouri, Ph.D.
Fabrice Seyve
Vision Developer
A wide range of products and solutions
Measurement and testing for production and R&D

Products available in 6 segments, from software to complete bench. 4 delivery programs to meet all requests: from standard product to tailor-made solution

A new step

Qualimatest and SAPHIR have just celebrated their 30th anniversary. It was a good time to start a new phase of development with the complete integration of the two organizations under a single management.

This project excites me because we will improve our portfolio of products and services to better serve our customers. Our dual geographic location guarantees proximity to our customers and enhancement of the respective strengths "Swiss Made, French Touch".

These changes are an opportunity for all of our employees, who will be able to develop their careers in an international environment with world-renowned clients in promising fields.

The entire management of qmt and myself are available to present our new organization to you.

Ivan Meissner

The detailed history of 30 years of success

Our history
Two countries, two companies but one organization
The new organization
A single direction

A single management of 6 people will manage qmt

  • Ludovic Bazin (Director France) directs the activities of qmt in France
  • Laurent Brulport (CSO) leads sales for qmt
  • Vahid Fakhfouri (CTO) directs R&D at qmt
  • Rosine Marigny (COO) directs the operations of qmt
  • Charles Ndjock (Director) heads the qmt software group
  • Ivan Meissner (CEO) directs qmt and administration

Employees from all departments are spread over the two sites.

A sales team organized by industrial markets

The new sales organization, under the direction of Laurent Brulport, is oriented by industrial markets

  • Ludovic Bazin for the Transport & Defense markets
  • Laurent Brulport for the automotive, electrical engineering and energy markets
  • A new employee will take care of the Medical market from 1.4.2020
  • Ivan Meissner for the Watch Market

In order to guarantee the continuity of the relationship, your current commercial correspondents will remain so in the future.

Business management

Our business management strategy remains the same. Business Managers keep their functions and their locations. Your current contact will not change.

The contractual relationships with our existing customers do not change as they will continue to contract with the same company.

Business teams

The business teams will be defined in order to guarantee the level of skills necessary for the success of the business while taking into account the history with the customers.

Swiss legal structure

QUALIMATEST SA changes its name to QMT SUISSE SA. Nothing changes except the name.

French legal structures

The company SAPHIR SAS changes its name to become QMT FRANCE SAS. Nothing changes except the name.

QUALIMATEST France SAS will be absorbed by QMT FRANCE SAS during the 2nd quarter of 2020. Activities and contracts will therefore be taken over by QMT FRANCE SAS.


From SMEs to multinationals in various industries more than 100 customers have trusted qmt

We are talking about qmt

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A complete retrofit of a multispindle endurance bench for the company SKF. The bench incorporates real-time technologies, it is intended for endurance testing of high precision screws

Stations for measuring the geometry and spatial position of the current sensor pins. A completely turnkey solution was delivered: mechanics, optics, software and interface with the automatic line from LEM

The VideoBalisometer is a state-of-the-art equipment intended mainly for watchmaking laboratories, so that they can make precise measurements on the regulating organ and analyze the influences of all types of exhaust.

qmt has developed and industrialized, as part of its OEM program, the QMTsort-Tip station for 100% quality control of medical pipettes. To guarantee the accuracy of this assay, the pipette tips must have a perfect geometry and surface finish

qmt has delivered a QMTCheck-M4U station for dimensional measurement and aesthetic control of auto parts. This station is integrated in the machining cell so that the measurements are used to regulate the manufacturing process

qmt has developed and industrialized, as part of its OEM program, the LPM TPM product for measuring the profile of the rails. The systems are installed in grinder trains which relies on the maintenance of railways around the world

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