New technical direction to intensify innovation

The management of Qualimatest announces the arrival on the team of Mr. Vahid Fakhfouri who takes the role of Technical Director. He is responsible for the entire technical team as well as for Research & Development and Innovation.

Vahid Fakhfouri, Ph.D., CTO

"When I met for the first time, six months ago, the Qualimatest management committee to discuss a possible collaboration, I was impressed by the rigor and energy that this team dedicates to bringing excellence to its customers:

I must admit that it scared me, the bar is high: what could I bring to this team?
And the answer was clear: Innovation especially in the digital domain. Qualimatest management wanted to do its part so that the Swiss industry is not content with its achievements, that it seeks continuity in excellence by innovating, imagining changes and seeking technological breakthroughs. I adhere to this way of thinking, it motivates me and I want to be part of this adventure.
Starting this year 2018 at Qualimatest, I discover a team that knows its customers, its products and its trades. She has strengths and weaknesses, but she is eager to do more and think differently to bring excellence to her clients. We want to innovate both at the technological level and at the level of relations with our customers and the organization of our company. This will is palpable at home and is shared with many of our customers.
The challenge is great! With so many talents, expertise and willingness to innovate, we are able to overcome it "

Ivan Meissner, CEO

"With his training at EPFL and his professional experience ( LinkedIn profile ), he will give a new impetus to Qualimatest towards innovation and the digital transition.We will be able to support our clients in order to identify the futures defined and thus identify the growth opportunities. "


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