Control and Sorting Conveyor Machine for Molded and Cut Turned Parts
Control and Sorting Conveyor Machine for Molded and Cut Turned Parts

High speed, compact and ergonomic sorting machine, specially dedicated to the non-contact sorting of cylindrical parts (pins, connectors, pins, ...). Equipped with a high-precision machine vision system, its autonomous operation guarantees the sorting of small and large series, batch management and the guarantee of zero defects. The large number of measurements carried out makes it possible to understand the manufacturing processes and ensures perfect traceability

The strengths of QMTInspect-200
  • Flexible and scalable to sustain the investment.
  • Ability to measure very long pieces.
  • Great ease of use.
Fit For You (F4U)
Product customization

some products

F4U program
Customized solution

Solution according to notebook

M4U program
OEM Program

Customized product
industrialized by QMT

OEM Program
The technologies of the QMTInspect-200
The QMTInspect-200 is suitable for controlling and sorting long pieces

The following technologies are integrated

Power supplies

The feeding of the parts is carried out by a vibrating bowl

Moving parts

The pieces are moved by a transparent band to pass under the control stations and then be ejected either in the good parts or in the bad ones

Control stations

One or more control stations are integrated

The applications of the QMTInspect-200
The QMTInspect-200 allows 100% control of long parts
Long necked pieces

The QMTInspect-200 is particularly suitable for the control of low-cut parts

The software of QMTProjector-100
QMTMesure software is powerful and easy to use
QMTMeasure Pro Software

Software for high precision dimensional measurement with assisted programming

The control program is performed using an intuitive interface including program templates, standard control equations and functions that automatically detect and propose room features. The operator can thus select the controls and define the tolerances, the control program is created automatically. The possibility is also offered to add functions available in the QMTStore or to develop a custom function through the Fit For You program.

QMTMeasure-Expert Software:

the light is under the room in relation to the camera, this lighting only allows to visualize and measure the outline of the room but with a very great precision.

QMTMeasurement-Base Software (option)

Software for high precision dimensional measurement without any programming

Simply select the desired measurement function, place the part in the measurement area and read the measurement results on the screen. QMTMeasure-Base includes a list of basic functions, options for advanced functions and the ability to add custom functions through the Fit For You program.

Fit for you program (FFY)
Adapting a product according to your specific need
Customizing a product

Qualimatest products can be customized from both an equipment and software point of view. The first level of software customization is the addition of additional features (available under QMTStore) or the development of a custom function

OEM Program

On the basis of Qualimatest products, it is proposed the realization of product labeled on behalf of our customers who can be private or marketed by themselves

"More than 100 systems are produced each year for a large clientele"
List of References
The specifications
functions QMTInspect-210 QMTInspect-220 QMTInspect-200-FFY
Handling parts Continuous belt conveyor Continuous belt conveyor
Typology of parts Short axes
10 mm to 30 mm
Long axes 30 mm + Long axes
Materials Metal, ceramic, plastic Metal, ceramic, plastic
Maximum cadence [pcs / h] from 7'000 to 14'000 pieces / hour from 7'000 to 10'000 pieces / hour Maximum 10'000 pieces / hour
Vision Control Stations 1 vertical camera 2 vertical cameras
variable spacing
According to configuration
Control technologies
- - -
Loading options • Vibrating bowl
• centrifuge
• Bulk packaging
• Vibrating bowl
• Centrifuge
• Flexible supply
Unloading options • Several bins (non-compliant management)
• Automatic management of packaging
(cartons, sachets, ...)
• Several bins
(management of non
• Automatic management
(Boxes, bags, ...)
Dimensional measurements Any type of measurements with precision
up to
2 μm on the diameter and 4 μm on the lengths
Any type of measurements with precision
up to
3 μm on the diameter and 6 μm on the lengths
Any type of measurements with precision
up to
3 μm on the diameter and 6 μm on the lengths
Presence / absence checks Shavings, chamfers, tapping, knurling Shavings, chamfers, tapping, knurling
Size of the machine
(W x D x H)
1.2mx 1.7mx 0.7m
(without accessories)
1.2mx 1.7mx 0.7m
(without distribution and accessories)
1.2mx 1.7mx 0.7m
(without distribution and accessories)
Software Functions QMTMeasure
All solutions are based on unique software features

For optical control

To increase production yields
and the quality of the parts

For aesthetic control

For acoustic and vibration control

Automated quality control

An example of automated quality control: controlling the aesthetic quality of Corn Flakes after cooking

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100% control with QMTInspect

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