The OEM product program

Products developed for industrialization on behalf of our customers
OEM Program
Your product developed and industrialized by Qualimatest
Technical and financial performance

In addition to the Made For You (M4U) program, Qualimatest offers the industrialization of the solution for mass production.

These products can be marketed by our customers on their own behalf or used privately.

Qualimatest is always attentive to the needs of the customer. We respond by giving priority to the delivery of a product or its customization (Fit For You Program) while maintaining the ability to achieve a customized solution if necessary with the program Made For You (M4U). In the latter case, Qualimatest designs, develops and industrializes solutions that meet the specifications of its customers.

OEM Program

Customized industrialized solutions on behalf of the customer
Products that our customers deploy or market

Qualimatest offers the industrialization of customized solutions in order to be able to deliver products in series on behalf of our customers. Our organization allows mass production at the best cost of the products we have developed. We also offer local and international maintenance.

Complete system for automatic measurement of axial and radial beats.

Example of integration of QMT technology in the automation of machining processes.

The measurement of rail to automate its maintenance and the safety of rail transport.

The quality control system and sorting medical pipette tips.

Fit For You (F4U)
some products

some products

F4U program
Solution on

Solution according to notebook

M4U program
OEM program

Custom product
industrialized by QMT

OEM program
From Optics to Mechatronics Inspection
All the know-how for solutions mastered by qmt

Software development with acquisition, processing and control

Design, assembly and development of mechanisms

Design of analog and digital electronics

Calculation, definition and realization of optical systems